Video games and radical political ideologies certainly aren’t strangers. Several video games have pitted players against the ‘evil ruskies and their Anti-American way of life’; some note worthy ones include Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater and 007 Goldeneye.

But since when do ideological and sociopolitical experiments seem like they come straight out of a video game rather than vice-versa? Peter Thiel, billionaire and founder of Paypal, has reportedly donated a large sum of money – in the tune of 1.25 million dollars – to help the Seasteading Institute fund an experiment of creating an uninhibited and libertarian country in the middle of the ocean that would do away with pretty much all socialism in favor of complete and total de-regulation.   In other words Andrew Ryan is finally building his Rapture, complete with lax building codes, no minimum wage, and the most important of all: light regulation of weapons.  Better stock up on ’em while you can boys and girls, if BioShock is anything to go by you’re gonna need them soon enough.

Source: Yahoo News