Sony has just announced at their E3 conference that the NGP – now known as the PS Vita – will debut bu the end of 2011 for under $250 bucks (or 250 Euros) for the wifi version and $299/299 Euros for the 3G one.   Planned launch titles include Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Ruin, and Mod Nation Racers. Capcom have also gone on stage to reveal that their latest fighting game, Capcom X Tekken, will make a debut on Sony’s handheld with the protagonist of the Infamous franchise, Cole, as a playable character.

Sony is promising that over 80 titles are in development from big publishers such as EA, Ubisoft, Activision and THQ. Previously shown tech demos of Lost Planet 2 and Metal Gear solid 4, and Yakuza 4 were not announced or shown to be upcoming games.

Nintendo is looking to have some stiff competition come this holiday season, and a price cut to the 3DS seems to be inevitable considering Sony’s bold pricing of the Vita. Nintendo’s conference is slated for tomorrow and we shall see what they have in store for the handheld market.