Thousands of brave men and women – and a few, hopefully, supervised children – braved the weather and fierce competition to get a Nintendo Wii at launch.  I was amongst such a crowd for over eight hours at the Nintendo World Store in New York City.  One year later.  That’s right, a year later the system was sold out everywhere and was going for an upwards of $400-$500 on eBay.

While it’s certainly not Christmas time right now, the 3DS simply isn’t flying off the shelves.  It’s certainly reasonable to assume that if the demand for the system is exceeded by the supply, prices will remain fairly close to MSRP near launch.  The thing is, brand new 3DS’ are consistently going for $225-$230 including shipping.  That’s with buy it now prices, auctions can sometimes be even lower.

Now granted retailers make up the vast majority of 3DS sales yet one can’t quite grasp how so many are available at nearly $25 off MSRP.  When you factor in sales tax it can be closer to $40-50 off of MSRP. When you factor in shipping cost plus eBay fees, an eBay seller would receive something like $210 for the 3DS.   Sites like Craiglist also offer a plethora of people offering to sell new 3DS’ for sub-retailer prices.  Is Nintendo selling the 3DS to retailers for a lower cost?  If so why? Even sales of games must be low considering Amazon is offering a $10 coupon after purchasing a 3DS game – excluding a few such as Samurai Warriors for some reason.

Somehow I feel that the 3DS might not be as much of a success as the original DS was, and in fact still is.